REM-UMC Question

I should know this, but when did use of the “REM-UMC” headstamp start?, and when did it become the long dash “R-P”? I tried searching but found nothing. Thanks in advance for any info.

Falcon-- the “REM-UMC” headstamp theoreticaly stared in Feb. 1911 with the official merger of Remington Arms and Union Metallic Cartridge Co. But I am sure it was phased in over a few months time. The “R - P” (Long Dash)(0.040 long) was first used in 1960. The “R - P” (Short Dash)(0.015 Long) was changed on 30 Dec 1970.

Thanks for the info. Is the short dash headstamp still in use today?

Falcon–I am not sure, but I don’t think the Short Dash is being used currently. I think the Short Dash was for Bridgeport, Connecticut production to seperate it from Lonoke production. But, it is my understanding that ALL ammunition production has now been moved Lonoke and thus should all have R dot P headstamps. If anyone knows otherwise, please correct me.