Remco shot caps


I grabbed the box of Remco shot caps just because they looked weird and old. When was it made? The instructions drawings look like maybe 60-70’s.



Zip codes started when? Also, check the patent.

I think the 1960s is the correct era.



If anyone cares, the patent for the above shot cap was issued on April 20, 1965.


I bought a box on auction with grand ideas of loading my 357 mag, but I have not found a reloading manual with loads for it, is there any manuals out there with instructions? I AM NOT ASKING FOR RELOADING INSTRUCTIONS!!! just the manual.


Yes, we care about the patent date. It is very interesting. The only article we have in our files on REMCO is dated August 1969, and talks about Shooting Time’s, the magazine from which it comes, "first contact with the new REMCO “shotcaps.” The stress here, I suppose, should be the word “new” intimating that the shotcaps had come out recently (in 1969). Of course, we have no way to know if that is accurate. Two things happen in magazine articles - they deal with products when they get to them, and sometimes articles are written and then not used for a very long time. I have personal experience with the latter.

The standard REMCO caps were loaded with No. 9 shot, but they offered some as well in No. 6 and No. 7-1/2 shot. Calibers offered were .38 Special, .357 magnum, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt and .45 A.C.P. according to a REMCO ad. Whether or not there were different capsules for the .38 and .357 I simply do not know. I don’t see why there would be, since they weigh the same. Shot cap weights were the same for both calibers, 156 grains, with the .44 weighing 250 grains, the .45 Colt 270 grains and the .45 A.C.P. 150 grains.

Vic - if you email me, I will send you a scan of the RMCO instruction sheet with their loading information. I cannot reproduce it on this form, rightfully so. It is the one that came folded up in the boxes. I wish I had one of the .45 A.C.P. boxes. I sold plenty of them years ago, and never kept ne because “it wasn’t a cartridge box.” Very dumb of me - perhaps typical. If you are an IAA member, my personal email address is in the Member’s listing. If not, you can PM me here, but you will have to gibe me your personal email address, as I will not PM loading information from this forum.