Reminder, may be removed after users have noticed and commented

Just as noone seems to take notice (in the branch I posted) here I am re-linking a comment.
Would like to hear if users here cinsider the new way if displaying neccessary or helpfull in any way.

To me it just is annoying since clicking 1mm away from the thread title takes me nowhere (page just reloads). All for no reason.
“New” is not always better.

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I’m not sure what you mean. I have not noticed any new difference in the way forum threads are presenting themselves. What am I missing?

Matt, tank you for looking at this.

I mean these here:

I fully support Alex’ position.
But after the experience with no chance to get rid of that annoying light blue “Do you want live notifications…” at each logon, I had given up.
While some changes in the software are OK (user menu for example), these additions that eat up precious display space and do nothing useful at all are in my view counter-productive.

I’m with EOD and Peelen on this. It is especially senseless to have those department notices below each entry, as they are two different departments on the Forum. There is zero need for showing the same department heading over and over again.

John Moss

I too find this not worth the electrons

I agree also.

I Agree EOD!

I agree with Alex and all others who have commented.

I see what you mean now, but had not noticed it as a hindrance. Aaron will know if this was a conscious change, or a forced update of some kind from the providers. I don’t know what’s behind it.

I have no problem with the “sub title”, it simply tells us what category the post is in (General Ammunition or Buy/Sell/Trade), and you do not need to click on the sub title to open the post, only if you want to go directly into that category… just ignore it.

The problem is when reading on a phone or smaller device, when yo are half way down the page and accidentally click the category and get shot back up to the top of the page.

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Ah… cell phones are WAY too small for my eyes- and fingers- to do web stuff on!

Matt, I just noticed that the issue got fixed.
Thanks a lot!

And if we could get rid of the “Join the IAA Today” it would be awesome too.
I guess people know where they are and that joining is a major benefit. No need to be reminded on every other posting.
Just my view (again).

I don’t think that I have ever seen this.

+1 on thanks for resolving the issue.

I vote we leave it in as the IAA needs memberships to help us pay for this site and our new reference site.

As treasurer I just balanced the books & the IAA paid $3,767.98 in web fees in 2019 (even with webmaster Aaron’s efforts to reduce costs) and what with the undelivered and “lost” journals we are in the hole for a little over $7,100.00 in 2019.

I will say, the banner could be smaller.

Pete, thank you for the details.
Of course I do not mean to have the IAA less members or making it difficult with finances.
I am always encouraging people to join the IAA + other national sections of the ECRA.
I really hope members will become more!

My whole point was just abot the effectivity of that banner.
But this is no problem at all when we consider the well-beeing of the IAA in general.
Maybe I should not have mentioned the subject at all.

Not a problem Alex. As I said I also found it a little annoying as big as it is.

BUT your valued comment also lets me make the non-members who use this, knowledgeable of the costs involved and may, perhaps also encourage membership?

Plus it may make the overseas membership aware of the problems we are aware of with their not receiving the journals that they, in good faith, paid for & that we are working hard and incurring heavy losses (over $6,200.00 - SO FAR & that was just last year) to make it up to them. Because we do value membership.

My reply to you was not a personal (although it was marked to you) implication that you do not support the IAA & I’m sorry if I inferred that, as I know you do.

PS the figures I’ve noted have to be voted on and accepted by the IAA board at SLICS to become official. & then they will be printed to the membership through the E, & the printed journals.

Pete, no worries, nothing was taken personal or tehlike.
And I fully understand that when membership numbers go low the IAA may face serious problems.
I would like not to see any of that.

But as we are on it, maybe we can encourage all our members to let their friends know about the IAA and ask them to give a membership a try?
I do all the time and have caused quite some “victims” in this regard…

Actually good you brought up the issue! This way all people here may learn about the neccessity of the IAA.

If you are an IAA member you won’t see these ads to join the IAA. (Provided you are logged in and have requested access to the IAA members group. )

600,000 different people visit this site every month from google searches. Why would we not want to promote the IAA more to them.

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