Remington 12 gauge Modi-Pac shells


Another box of shells from the retired FBI agent’s estate. I suppose these are considered ‘less lethal’ shells. This box is sealed, so I’m faced with the usual delemna to open or not to open. Anyone have a photo of one of these shells?


I have quite a few less lethal rounds sectioned, door breaching too, but am taxi-ing in aircraft…can’t post right now


Another first for me! Never run across that particular less lethal loading before. Hope Pepper has one sectioned.

I wonder why they chose something as small as a #5 shot, if its plastic?



Here is a Modi-Pac round.

If you look closely, you can see the white plastic pellets.

Headstamp: “REMINGTON PETERS 12 GA” and over-shot wad is wine red with no printing.



a few Modi Pac’s (high brass) and others similar


Thank you Pepper for the pictures of the Modi-Pac shells; I believe I have seen loose examples of the white hulled shells before.


Welcome…I cut a window (careful not to open the top wad ring…they will splay open)…and coat the “shot” with a medical bandage “glue”

I hope I don’t get censored for talking “sectioning” since I don’t mess with the “boom” parts !

I have multiple company’s breaching rounds as well…maybe photos another day