Remington 12 gauge


I have founded this cartridge, someone can tell me more,the cartridge are built by remington I search in Remington but I don’t found.
the slug is type hollow point I post some pics for explain.

thanks for your help

Samourai: Your cartridge is the Remington Premier Copper Solid Sabot Slug, Remington Index Number PR12RS, weighing one ounce and introduced in the 1993 Remington Catalog. It was manufactured in that form until 1999, when it was replaced with a new round of the same name, but a more pointed ogive with a smaller hollow point, and Remington Index Number PR12MCS (3" Magnum), PR12CS (2-3/4 "), and also in a 20 gauge loading with Index PR20RS. This load continued in production thru 2007.

In 2008, it was completely replaced with the new plastic-tipped “Premier Accutip Bonded Sabot Slug,” a copper slug with a green, pointed plastic tip. Index number for those rounds, offered so far only in 12 Gauge, is PRA12M for the 3" Magnum version, and PRA12 for the 2-3/4" version. The new projectile is a .58 caliber slug weighing a total of 385 grains.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Reference: Remington Catalogs for the years cited.

many thanks john Moss for your help.
I found some cartridge in 12 gauge but other cartridge is french and it is more easy for me.