Remington 12ga shotshell inscription meaning

I have a single black colored Remington 12 gauge cartridge, 2 3/4" (70mm) with the following other information painted on it, 3 1/4 - 1 - 8.

I think the “1” is ounces of #8 bird shot. What does the 3 1/4 mean?

Probably meaning 3.25 dram equivalent. “Dram eq” is a mostly ignored obsolete measurement to most common shooters / hunters (in the U.S.) but it can help give an indication of which choke is likely more ideal for the load. 3.25 is more of a full-choke barrel load for instance, according to SAAMI anyway.

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A dram is @ 27½grains and it dates back to blackpowder.
Powder and shot was measured with the same scoop and thus kept speed fairly equal through different loads.
When the switch to smokeless came about noone knew anything about actual speed of the shot but anyone knew their BP loads. So the easiest was to state a load with the same speed as the equvivalent amound of BP = Dram equivalent.

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