Remington 22LR Box date?

I don’t have any of the 22 RF reference materials. Can someone date this box for me, even if it’s only approximate.



This is a post WWII box after Remington restarted production of civilian ammunition. It is the same as the 1934 Palma box, which had a product code of R54P. The 1946 box you have uses the code 6222. The Palma series was discontinued around 1953.

Ray–I agree with IHMSA80X80. The 4 digit Product code started in 1946.


Thanks to both of you.

I don’t have one but I have seen a photo of what must be the R54P. It is red and white as I remember.

I am considering doing a short JOURNAL article on the 22LR Palma, mostly from a shooters perspective.


Ray–The Remington .22 LR Palma boxes come in a bunch of varieties. I have at lest 15-20 in my box collection. Since you are planning an article, I won’t trump you by posting pictures of them.