Remington 30-30 110 grain mushroon question

I have a ballistics question for the forum experts. Years ago, guessing circa 1930’s, Remington loaded a 110 grain bullet in their 30-30 line up. Called the 110 grain mushroom express. My question is, does anyone know the ballistics of this load? And any clue as to the length of time this load was offered? Thanks again.

Remchester–I suggest you make use of the new catalogs section of the IAA Homepage, where you will find an almost complete run of Remington catalogs from 1911 to 2013. The answers to your questions should be able to be solved with a bit of research through the catalogs.

Thanks Ron, I will give it a try.

Thanks to Ron I have found a new research site. For anyone interested in the original question, the 110 grain mushroom express in 30-30 caliber, is listed in Remingtons 1933 catalog. Muzzle velocity is listed at 2550 fps and 1590 fp’s of energy.