Remington 30-40 Krag box/ammo

My first Post here. I’m not a collector but have an interest in some areas of ammunition.
Not sure how to post a photo or would.
Question: Trying to determine the year’s the below ammunition was made?

  1. cardboard box, tannish in color, lift off top box, label only on lift off top, no marking on bottom of box
  2. all lettering is in red color, border line is square on the corners (not rounded)
  3. looking at top of lift off top, starting from the top lettering down:
    30-40 KRAG
    20 cartridges
    MADE IN U.S.A.
  4. looking at label on side of lift top
    left side:
    Reg. U.S. Pat.
    Off. and other
  5. a dog bone with KLEANBORE in the middle and REMINGTON UMC in a red spot
    on each end of the bone
  6. Marqa Reg.

I’ve 8 of these boxes and they are in very nice condition, ammunition inside is clean/bright.
Since I don’t know how to upload a picture, including this web link, as it is the same box/ammo.
Hope that is/was ok by the folks?

Apologies in advance for lack of knowledge with the Forum here.
Again, trying to figure out a time frame this ammunition was made?
I’m thinking date would have been around 1916+, due to square corner borders, not rounded.
thank you all for your time n’ assistance,


Now isn’t this interesting: 102 views and no one with an idea of when these
Remington boxes were made!!!
Seems like will have to go elsewhere for the knowledge…
thanks anyway…

not my thing but I believe DuPont purchased 60% of Remington in 1933 so it would be sometime after that

Have a look here…

Thank you Rimfire n’ peteC, your time is appreciated.
Rimfire: I believe Remington in the 1930’s was using end flap open civilian ammo boxes, having long before abandoned the lift off top boxes? I think so anyway?
peteC: I’d already gone through the ‘model8’ ammo box site, which is where (if I understood it correctly?), the round corner and square corner on the label indicated around 1914/1916 or thereafter?

Just not able to, so far, narrow the time frame down. It is ‘old’ ammo/boxes though.
The gunbroker web site I listed in my OP shows clearly the boxes I’m seeking information on.
thank you . . . the quest continues

REMINGTON DUPONT first appears on the cover of the 1934 catalogue.
The 1933 catalogue is still titled REMINGTON UMC.

On the back of the boxes or inside the end tabs or somewhere should be a code stamped in red or black ink. The code should be something like 19AB or 20JD30 or SC16T or J21S or something similar. This is a code for the day, month and year that the box was loaded with cartridges. It often includes other information as well.

If you will post this code or codes on the boxes I can probably tell you the year they were produced.


I would have posted earlier, but I only collect 9mm Luger ammo and would usually not read this post. I happened to select it by accident. Had your title indicated you were looking for box dates I would have answered it days ago!

I believe most members only read those posts that are in their area of interest. That is why a clear title indicating what you are looking for is important.


PS: I believe a dogbone label would indicate the box dated in the 1930s but no later than WWII. Post war Remington went to the Kleanbore label. Early Dogbone labels for pistol ammo had info on both Spanish & Englisn on the back. In the mid-1930s they just switched to English. Dates of usage on different calibers differs because they usually didn’t change box styles in a particular caliber until they used up all of the old box styles.

I have pictures of several boxes like this but only two of them show a date code indicating 2nd half of 1937.

ugh…finally figured out how to upload pictures!
Computers are why Ace Hardware still sells hammers!! :)

Site here tells me ‘new users’ may only post 1 upload, so will add 4 more!!

Picture will show the ‘square’ corner (at least I think this is what is referred to when square or rounded corner is mentioned?) of the red line border.


Only number/letter stamps on some of the boxes is shown: S 08TNK and S 09TNK
Note. S 09TNK picture shown 3 replies below.

Perhaps 1908 and 1909? Better knowledge than I have may know.

2 part box

Shows head stamp, obviously no date indicated.

Please look at/read the above few Replies as they connect with this Post.

Shows the stamp on bottom of box: S 09TNK - September? 1909?

Thank you…

The code is S 08T & S 09T. This code confirms these were loaded on days 8 and 9 of a late month in 1937. The “T” identify the month of loading, but the month code was a six letter word which changed every 6 months.


silvertip44, to clarify what Lew posted, R was the first half of 1937, S the second half of 1937, T the first half of 1938. This half year code system commenced in 1928.

Right, but in this case, the T indicates the month and the S indicates the second half of 1937.
The T on this code has nothing to do with 1938.


Yes, that I understand. Apologies if I muddled anyones understanding by mentioning T, just trying to show the year code letters were for half years. On the boxes in question the year code letter is the S.

No apology necessary! Since some have not worked with these codes, I just didn’t want them to get confused. What you posted was exactly correct.


My hats off to you all for helping out with this matter.
Didn’t realize Remington still used a 2-piece box in the late 1930’s?
Live n’ learn.
Is there an online source where can find a chart with Remington codes?
Again, thank you for your knowledge n’ sharing.