Remington .30-40 Krag

Hi, All…Can anyone help, speculate, etc.?..Here is a typical WW1 vintage .30 Army cartridge made by Remington with R A 17 headstamp and flat copper primer with “R”, Cole bullet, no powder charge. Hopefully, you can see in the scan, the five rings around the case body (it was getting a bit dark here in the office when I scanned it). This is similar to the Model 1906 .30-06 Guard Load, but by 1917, the .30-06 had been changed to the six stabs at the shoulder, and typical Krag guard loads, also made by Remington, had 156 or 177 grain lead bullets. The rings appear somewhat “handmade”, but there are no marks on the case to indicate that a tubing cutter or similar device was used in creating them. So, was Remington playing, or was bubba playing ?