Remington .38 S&W production year?


A shooting buddy of mine bought an almost full box of Rem .38 s&w for his Webley and wants to know when it was produced. The stamp on the end flap says J 26 T 0617.
I did try the search function but didn’t find anything.
It is a standard green and yellow box.
Tia Soren


Check the box against the (marvelous) “Cartridge Box Dates – Remington” resource available on the IAA homepage. The upper half green/lower half yellow boxes were produced in the 1974-1996 timeframe in three general patterns. A lot number starting with J equates to the first half of 1977, 1988, 1999, or 2010 – an 11 year cycle. Lot numbers starting with K would be the second half of those years. Comparing your box with the Remington box resource will give you the timeframe from which a lot number in '77, '88, or '99 makes the most sense. Having said that, 38 S&W is a rather special case. My two green/yellow 38 S&W boxes have the exact same illegible 1990’s printing date yet have lot numbers years apart. The low volume of 38 S&W production may mean that a box printed in the 1990’s with a lot number starting with B, for example, my not have been filled in the later half of 1995, which would seem logical. Rather Remington may still have been using those 1990’s boxes as late as the later half of 2006, eleven years later in the next B in the cycle. As evidence, I haven’t seen a Remington 38 S&W box in a post-1996 color scheme. Equating the month in your lot number – T – is the key to nailing which of these years it was produced; those letters apparently change cycle to cycle. As yet, however, I haven’t tackled the months in Remington’s lot number system.


Finally found both of my 38 S&W green/yellow boxes with same 90’s illegible printing date. One is lot number B05O B4403 (leading B=last half of 1995) and the other is H27K C1202 (H=last half of 1998).