Remington .45 Auto Rim

I’m new to the forum, and I appreciate being allowed to be here. I have some questions as to an old, partial box of Remington .45 Auto Rim that I’ve had for many years. I did search the site archives before posting this, but couldn’t find any specific information. If I missed something obvious, I apologize in advance. Through recent, rudimentary research, I’ve learned the basic history and use of the round and I found it very interesting. My question as to this particular partial box of ammunition is this, is there any way to determine an approximate age from the appearance and headstamping? My interest is piqued as I’ve had this ammunition for at least 25 years. It consists of 11 rounds of unfired ammunition, 39 fired casings, a styrofoam type insert and the crumbling box. Since the end tabs are missing, I have no clue as to bullet weight or charge. Any information or estimates of age for this newbie would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you in advance. - Kenny Shields

The Styrofoam sleeve and the headstamp would date it to the 1960-70’s, but without a box it’s hard to pin down more than that.

In the reference section of the forum there are catalogs you can download and look through to perhaps get a range.

Thank you for the info, Sir. Here’s a picture of what’s left of the box.

post 1960 with the child warning, as close as I can get.

I appreciate the information, Sir. Thank you for your time and effort.