Remington .45 GAP - 3 box styles

Remington has (or had) been producing a .45GAP load for a few years with a 230gr FMJ bullet. The headstamp, case type, and everything about the load has always been the same through the years of production that I have noticed, but today I noticed that there are two box types. The boxes are perfectly identical in every way, except on the printed end-flap where one has larger text and the index number, and the other does not have the index number:

I just found a third type of print for the end-flap label on this Remington box. I don’t have the box in-person, and this image is from MidwayUSA. The lower line of text is wider than the other version which I have:

You find these little differences in boxes in most all calibers, pistol anyway, and from most major makers. Sometimes it is in the “added information” caliber and bullet weight for example, on the end flaps. Other times it is little changes in font or in position of basically the same markings. Still another is the lack of a bar code on older boxes (some just a few years old) and addition of it on newer boxes of the same basic design.

I used to be very aggressive in attempting to obtain these differences, but due to a lack of space, I had to give it up. You can be sure, though, that I did not give up those I had already. Now, I have stopped trying to get even each design in every caliber - I try to be satisfied in get each new pattern box in just one caliber, again because of lack of space.

Boxes are fun to collect, and provide lots of information that you think is easy to find elsewhere, like correct factory names and spellings, but sometimes when you start searching, you find your quickest and best sources are your box labels. Even empty boxes are useful for more than just “eye candy” for a collection.

DK - thanks for showing these. The .45 GAP never achieved any particular popularity in our area, and most dealers - the few that are left - don’t even stock the caliber. So, one doesn’t find many boxes for that caliber.