Remington .45GAP JHP "L45GAP7"?

I just found a .45GAP box from Remington marked as L45GAP7 - 230gr JHP. I had no idea this existed, and I had been scouring online quite a bit last year when I did my journal article on this caliber. I knew of the L45GAP4 - FMJ ammo, which is relatively common, but this JHP caught me by surprise. Searching online I find a few random hits, but nothing comes up under an image search for this type. Was this a very short production run done for a limited time?

Some photos, better ones will follow when I get the box from the seller:

I received these today, and the headstamp looked familiar at a glance, but upon close comparison to the much more common version known on the FMJ R-P cases, they are different.

The letter P, and letter A are noticeably different, and the dot after the P is higher on the JHP load.

Matt, back in its days it must have been a commonly available product because it was one of the loads imported into my country. We used to have this item for sale at our club until 2009 and I assume that the box must be kept somewhere. It was listed in Remington commercial catalogs between 2005 and 2007, and in LE catalogs until 2010. Regards, Fede.

Thanks Fede. I’m not sure why it is so rare today, although I am sure that like most calibers from any given manufacturer, they sell more of the FMJ than they do the JHP. There probably were never very many actual retail stores who wanted to carry this stuff in stock since they would have presumably already been exposed to the Speer Gold Dot & Lawman ammo in .45GAP, and would have known how little of it they likely were apt to sell. I had never actually seen one of these JHP boxes for sale until this one came up on Gunbroker last week.