Remington .50 BMG (British Contract)

OK, so I picked up a nice Remington made '41 dated British contract round. I was talking to the old guy who told me a story about it… now… it has me wondering…

He told me that this round was painted green (tip) because it was designated for “training use only”. He stated that the guy he got it from used to work in the Canadian Small Arms Training Center at Longbranch in Ontario, CAN. and that they got some of the British destined ammo to do quality control testing.

As far as I know the green tip indicates that it is AP and for use in aircraft / anti-aircraft. Any truth to the story? I think I am being fed a line…

I also got a nicely painted .50 Vickers round as well with the same story…
This has some nice stab crimps as opposed to the usual point crimp. Green on this is AP as well…

I will post another item in the “Longest Day” thread to another story…

.50Z is the RAF designation for .50BMG. Ammo acquired for use in US Built aircraft supplied on Purchase, and then Lend Lease. (see reply on .300Z carton above). Britain had several squadrons of early B-17s in 1940-41.

The Green Tip was an Indication of AP ( Green Primer annulus in British use, also “W” headstamp.)…The “Training Use” thing, was, as seen with .300Z, a downgrading from Air Use due to various factors, as mentioned for the .300Z.

Nice example of US-made .5 Vickers Rimless-- Mostly Naval AA use, some Land use, and almost NO Air Use.

“TR” headstamp ? (Maker?)–US-style ( 12-6 oclock layout)…not in usual British Style.

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The green tip on the British contract .50 BMG looks very suspicious to me. All the similar rounds I have seen use a much darker green and nowhere near as neatly applied. Having said that, the tip is reminiscent of some of the Canadian .50 Vickers rounds made at Three Rivers (see below).

“TR” is the monogram of Three Rivers Arsenal in Canada. They used “universal” cases on .50 Vickers so that the same cases could be used for any load. The same concept was used for the “DI Z” .303 cases. Your round with the blue tip is an Incendiary B Mark IZ.

Picture attached of other examples and also of typical tip marking on the British Browning AP.




Thanks for the repy… I have not seen any other .50 BMG tips in green so I have no idea… I was given the story that they were painted for “training use”. I would have thought it odd that they would paint then after the fact for training.

It does appear that the paint is original as tumbling and cleaning would have taken the primer color off as well…

The .5 vickers round actually has green paint… it may look blue because of the photo and lighting.

Both together, .5 vickers left, .50 BMG right:

This is my Remington Tracer round next to the AP round.

Aircraft grade would have probably been down graded to training with age, possibly two years, so most likely the statement has an element of true if not entirely accurate as per your received explaination.
The other possibilty is that some of the ammo didn’t make the spec and was regraded. That might be why some of it went to the lab for evaluation.