Below are pictures of a box for Remington 9 mm Extra Long primed cases. The “Extra Long” is there designation for these 1.1268" (28.60 mm) long cases. Measurement is approximate, as the 50 cases in the box have been turned into 9 mm Luger blank cartridges, and the overall length was the length of the finished blank. However, the fit of the cartridges to the box would indicate they have retained most of their original length when they were primed-empty cases. I have no information who actually loaded these particular cases, since the blanks were reboxed in the original primed-empty case box with no added labels.

I just found the Remington factory designation of “9 mm Extra Long” to be interesting. Of course, if available to the public, these cases could be used to make many different 9 mm case lengths, such as 9 x 21, 9 x 23 Bergmann, 9 x 23 Steyr, 9 x 25 Mauser, and even 7.65 Luger and 7.63 Mauser/7.62 Tokarev, as well, likely, as many others.

Pictured next to the top view of the box is a finished blank from that box. Primer is with a nickel cup and no seals. The rosebud nose crimp has five lobes.

John Moss

John, Do these cases have the R-P 9 MM LUGER headstamp?
I have a nickel primed npe necked to .30 cal., with a case length of 1.153.

Thanks, Dan

Remington made several cases specifically for the Movie Industry,
in normal Remington boxes.
The Blank reloaders then added their own labels over the Front
( Stembridge etc).
These Long 9mm predated Winchester 9mm Magnum cases by several decades.
Starline makes “9mm Magnum”
Brass now, and we use it predominantly for 9mm Movie Blanks, but also for 7.62/7.63 blanks, 9mm Mauser (9×25) and
formerly Ball cases in the bottle necked format…now supplied by Starline…
Doc AV

Dan - Yes, they do have that headstamp. I should have mentioned that.


Is there a date code on the inside of the end flap? If so what is it?

I have never seen this box, or this style blank.


Lew - it has a date code or lot number stamped at an angle on one of the small end tabs attached to the sides of the box, not the end “flap.” I did not recount it in my description above because it is likely useless, since it is very badly stamped. It appears to have five entries, but the first and fourth entry are just black blobs, totally illegible. The 2nd and third entries are “03” and the fifth entry appears to be a “4” although it, too, is badly stamped.

This is the only one of this box I have ever seen. I bought it full of the blanks - the dreaded “full box” - and have kept it that way because I already had a blank of identical appearance to those in the box. As I said above, there is no clue on the box as to who loaded and formed the blanks, but it certainly wasn’t Remington, or they would not be in a components box. I save very few components boxes. I have in my entire box collection only about five or so which for one reason or another found too interesting not to keep. Frankly, had this had its original contents, empty unformed cases, I would keep it as a different case type since the factory designation on the box is 9 mm EXTRA LONG, not 9 mm Luger.

Sorry the date code will likely be of no help. My eye was drawn to this box, by the way, by the orange, rather than yellow, color of the bottom half of the box. When I saw the cartridge designation, that was just a big bonus so even though already formed 9 mm Luger blanks, I bought it.


Thanks John!

Great box. Too bad the code is unreadable. The two missing digits, 2 & 4, are the year and month.


These were loaded by Joe Swanson, when he was in working in California. The date code on the one I put aside is " I I03 ". I thought at one time I had a box before he loaded them. These were rejected by him for some reason, that I never found out.
I have more of these if anyone is interested send me a PM.