Remington (?) 9x19mm headstamp

Found an interesting 9x19mm headstamp at the range today. It has “RP” at 12 o’clock as is usually found on Remington 9mm and “9 LUGER +P” around the bottom of the headstamp. Odd to me is the lack of a dot or dash between the R and the P and the lack of “mm” after the 9. Is this headstamp indicatating manufacture by someone other than Remington? Why the omission of the dash and “mm”?


Good question, and I don’t know the answer. Remington has shown a LOT of variation in their headstamps over the years and I have never heard a reason for the variation. This is unlike Olin/Winchester who remained very consistant with their W-W and then WIN headstamps. In the past 5 years or so Olin has also contracted out some of their case manufacture, notably to S&B in some calibers, but not 9x19mm that I know of.

Over the past few years, I’ve been told that some of the variation was due to Remington contracting out their headstamp bunter manufacture (or perhaps the hob used to make the bunter) and the result was slight variations in many of the headstamps.

The only case where Remington has contracted out their case manufacture that I know if is when they moved manufacturing to Arkansas. In this case, they contracted with Olin for cases in a number of calibers including 9x19mm. These cases were identified with a small diamond between the R and P (R<>P). In 9mm, I don’t believed any of these cases were loaded by Remington. Most of the ones I have seen were loaded by 3-D on ammo sold in Europe.

By the way, the headstamp you asked about appears to have been introduced in the late 1980s and used into the mid 1990s, but that is just based on when I found my specimens for sale as new commercial ammunition.

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For whatever it is worth, the R<>P also exists in .357 Mag & .45 A.C.P.

The R (Diamond) P headstamp also exists in .380 auto. I have it in my collection in that caliber.

Can someone post a photo of the R diamond P headstamp? I have seen a drawing but not the actual stamp. Would be most appreciated. Thanks

I will post a photo of the .380 auto headstamp, and also a 9 mm Para headstamp to show the 3-D overstamp that Lew talked about. Give me a little time, as I don’t post them myself. I have to yet take the picture, process it, send it to a friend who knows how to post them, and he will do it when he has time and is home.

I don’t recall off-hand which 3D overstamp I have. There are at least two or three different styles.

Here are the Remington R (Diamond) P headstamped rounds I have, on pure Remington (on the right - 380 Auto) and one with the “3 D” overstamp, which consists of one vertical line, and then a large “3” which can be partially seen stamped ofber the 9 and reach down just sort of the left edge of the first “m” in “mm,” and a “D” stamped over the top of the “E” in “LUGER.” While this overstamp is fairly vertical they are stamped at random without any attempt to align them with the proper attitude of the original headstamp.

This is not the best headstamp photo I have ever taken. Sorry for that. They all seem to photograph differently. I have not found the lighting that works best for me yet, nor a good means of holding the cartridge vertically, that is available to me.

I did align these headstamps, but they must have turned slightly when I set the box down on the background.

Well, it is what it is.

Photo and collection of John Moss

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Thanks a million. Great to see the actual photos. Thanks John and Jones…

A friend of mine sent me a picture of the R (Diamond) P headstamp on .30 Carbine, which reminded me that I have that in my own collection as well, so it is doubly-confirmed to exist in that caliber.