Remington Ammunition Manufacure Dates

I started working on recent (2002-present) Remington handgun ammunition lot numbers to determine their date of manufacture. Previously I equated Speer/CCI lot numbers with their manufacture date (1995 to present). So far I’ve found that the first 4 places in the Remington handgun ammunition lot number indicate the date of manufacture. First letter equates to the first or last half of a year:
R = first half of 2002
S = last half of 2002
T = first half of 2003
U = last half of 2003
V is skipped for some reason
W = first half of 2004
X = last half of 2004
Y = first half of 2005
Z = last half of 2005
A = first half of 2006
B = last half of 2006
C = first half of 2007
D = last half of 2007
E = first half of 2008
The next two digits are the day of the month, 01-31. The letter after the digits is the month, but I haven’t equated much there yet. The Remington Society’s ( page showing how barrel manufacture month/year dates are determined – including skipping V – hints at how the months are generated in the lot numbers. So, is anybody else out there working on Remington ammunition lot numbers to determine manufacture dates?