Remington Arms Company 7.65 Mauser Box

Being an avid 7.65 x 54 Mauser collector, I recently acquired this full box from 1934 with a TAPER HEEL add-on label. Disassembling one of the cartridges reveals a 171.2 grain boat-tailed bullet. The “TAPER HEEL” label most likely covers the original bullet weight call-out of 154 grains. Any additional information welcomed.

Cartridge Headstamp:

REM-UMC 7.65mm HS



Any chance we could get the weight of a complete cartridge?


390.0 grains.


Was this a popular caliber in the US when these were made or was it more for export?

This was a time period when relatively long range target shooting was done with military-caliber rifles. We mignt learn more if we could see the both bullet and a complete cartridge.

Great box.


Scan of cartridge and bullet.


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Thanks for the info and pictures. That is a great box & cartridge.

About the same time that FN was producing SS FyA 7,65 for Argentina.
Don’t know when Argentina adopted Heavy BT ball, probably when they bought the Colt M1927 Water-cooled Brownings.
Anybody know date of Argentine SS Ball adoption?? FEDE, por favor?
Doc AV.

With the date of 1934 possibly ammo supplied to Chaco War belligerents 1932-35. Both Bolivia and Paraguay used 7.65 Mauser Ctg as standard issue.

Very nice box Randy, thanks for sharing. The only examples I’ve seen also have a 1934 date code.

DocAV, the earliest confirmed SS loads date from 1927 and were made by HP at Dordrecht. A 1926 date may exist, but it is quite rare and so far only observed in blanks made from recovered cases. I don’t know of any “SS FyA” produced by FN for Argentina around that date.



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Thank You, Fede,

I weighed two similar cartridges:

REM-UMC 7.65 m/m, Purple PA, No dash (or a ghost) between REM and UMC = 374.3 grs.

REM-UMC 7.65 m/m, No PA color, With dash = 376.7 grs.

The weights are 13.3 and 15.7 grains, respectively, lighter than the 390 grain specimen discussed here, most probably indicating a 154 grain bullet in each.

171.2 grs. - 154 grs. = 17.2 grs.


It is possible, yes? that these cartridges were made in 1934 for Paraguay or Bolivia, opponents in the Chaco War of 1932 to 1935. (As orange stated above). I am curious if any of these cartridges or fired cases have been found in the region. So far, I have found no catalog listing for these.


Randy, yes, it is possible, because it is documented that Bolivia received 12.5 million cartridges of this caliber from Remington between December 1933 and September 1934. The problem is that they only specify pointed bullets and no weight or further description is given. The Argentine navy also purchased 100.000 cartridges during 1934 but they are simply described as “Metal Cased”.

I couldn’t find this load listed in any catalogs either. Regular 154 gr pointed loads are also rarely listed.



I can also add that on February 1934 the Bolivian government was informed that Remington begun experimenting with an SS boat tail bullet made to South American specifications and that there wasn’t any previous work on this subject.