Remington Arms exp. light armour piercing 7,62x51 mm NATO


I’ve been looking for some information on this 7,62x51 mm NATO cartridge I’ve had for quite some time.
According to my copy of the “The Military Cartridges Calibre 7,62x51 mm NATO - their development and variants”, by Brandt, Hamann, Kaltmann, Kiehn, (in the book its number is “III.29.55.1”) it is an experimental cartridge by Remington Arms. Solid mild steel projectile with a nickel plating. That does tell me something about it, but I would like that the very educated minds on this forum share with me their knowledge. What was the intended purpose, what firearm platform was it intended for, and how common are they?

As seen in the photograph its headstamp is RA 60 with the NATO load symbol at the 12 o’clock position.

Thank you in advance :-)

This is not an armor piercing round. It is an Advanced Marksmanship Unit (AMU) loading from the early 60’s using a 160gr sintered steel and tungsten bullet. The makeup of the bullet is clear from the sectioning - the bullet is homogeneous with no apparent nickel plating (see photo).


Thank you very much for the information. Very much appreciated :-)
If I understand you correctly, the projectile is made from a combination of sintered steel and wolfram «dust», pressed together?
Do you know what weapon platform is what intended for, if any in particular?

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762x51 / Anders