Remington Arms MX-82 Percussion Primer, Artillery, 1961

Here’s something a little different as apposed to typical information relating to ammunition companies and small arms cartridges that appears here on the forum.

A 1961 report by Remington Arms Company, Inc., Research & Development Department, providing details of the development of the MX-82 percussion primer for use with bag loaded (separate loaded) artillery (DEVELOPMENT AND FABRICATION OF PERCUSSION PRIMER FOR BAG LOADED WEAPONS):

Below is a drawing of the MX-82 primer (unfortunately in 3 sections) as shown in the report:


Brian, thanks! After all it is ammo too and as you say often not in the focus of the majority.
Good to have this reference.

Brian, very interesting, thank you very much for sharing. This was the percussion primer later adopted as M82 and designed as a replacement for the U.S. Navy percussion-electric Mark 15 Mod. 2 and other experimental types tested by the Army in several experimental guns and howitzers. It was used in the XM35 firing mechanism adapted to the 155 mm T255E2 gun mounted in the T196E1 self-propelled howitzer, later standardized as M35, M126 and M109, respecively (still in service as the M109A7). I assume that the 175 mm gun mentioned in the report must be the T256, another experimental gun tested with the XM35 lock and XM82 primer.




Thanks for providing the additional information. I left the designation for the primer the same as it was written in the report (incorrectly?) as ‘’ MX-82 ‘’, but if following standard nomenclature the designation should have been XM-82.