Remington black powder rimfire boxes


I’ve been collecting .22 rimfire boxes since the early 80’s. I’m especially interested in the Remington boxes. I’ve recently decided to expand into all the Remington rimfires because my pickings are getting slim in the .22’s. Not that I have all of them, it’s just harder to find the ones that I need and they are the more expensive ones so I sometimes have to pass some up. Anyways, I’m trying to find Remington’s from the start of the Kleanbore’s (1926-27). My question is this, The Kleanbore dogbones are easy to identify but I can’t figure out what the black power boxes should look like from this era. There are 4 listed in the Remington 1930 catalog (.32 Short Blank, .32 Long Shot, …38 Short, .44 Henry Flat). So far, all I’ve seen have been the red Rem/UMC 2-piece boxes, and earlier boxes, for these calibers. Does anyone know what the 1926 thru 1936 boxes look like?


I’m still trying to find out what the 1926 through 1936 Remington boxes with black powder loads looks like. My main interest is the rim
fires but maybe the center fire boxes might give some clues. This is the era of the original dog-bone boxes which were Kleanbore. My assumption is that the black power boxes would “not” have the Kleanbore in the dog-bone on the box. So far researching on the Internet has come up empty. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a complete list of black powder cartridges as listed in the Remington 1930 catalog.

1930 Rim Fire Black Powder
• R230- .38 Short
• R350- .44 Henry Flat
• R142S- .32 Long Shot

1930 Center Fire Black Powder
• R29- .22 Winchester Single Shot
• R 61- .25-20 Stevens & Winchester Single Shot
• R76- .25-20 Winchester, Marlin, Remington
• R166- .32 S&W
• R170- .32 S&W Long
• R146- .32 Short Colt
• R149- .32 Long Colt
• R154- .32 Colt New Police (Police Positive)
• R184- .32 Winchester, Marlin, Remington
• R197- .32-40 Winchester, Marlin Remington
• R252- .38 S&W
• R278- .38-55 Winchester, Marlin, Remington
• R302- .40-60 Winchester
• R320- .41 Short Colt
• R322- .41 Long Colt
• R332- .43 Egyptian (Beaumont)
• R333- .43 Spanish
• R544- 11mm Mauser (.43 Cal.)
• R495- .450 Revolver
• R423- .45-50 Winchester
• R409- .45-70 Government Flat Point
• R440- .50-70 Government