Remington box barcode

Does anyone know what year Remington started to put barcodes on their .22 boxes?

Roger–I think the bar codes were added the same year that the headstamp was changed to"Rem". I think that was about 1985. It could not have been later than 1988 because all the boxes I have seen of the new CBee’s (Long and Short) have bar codes and these two loads were introduced in 1988. Also, it was before the address was changed to Lonoke. That change was in 1985.

Yes, all my CBEE’s have a bar code and they were introduced in 1988. The Viper’s were introduced in 1982 and I have two with the bar code and one without. That one was Bridgeport so it must be an early one. The other two were Lonoke (I didn’t know that happened in 1985) and have the bar codes. I’m not too sure where that leaves us? Looks like after 1982 and before 1988.

I’m also trying to find the production dates on the Remington Mohawks. They’re not in the catalogs. Probably because they were promotional boxes. I think maybe around 1988??

Regarding the Mohawks, I’m reasonably certain they were around well before 1988, as I am almost positive I bought some in the late 70’s - early 80’s period, if not earlier, and still have a few bricks. But I could be wrong.

According to the U.S. Trademark Register Office We find the following:
MOHAWK (For Ammunition) by Remington Arms Co.–1st use–1/19/1972, Filing date–5/3/1972, Registration Granted–8/28/1973.

So, that nails that one down.

As for the bar codes on the .22 boxes, while the following information does not apply to the boxes, it might be a useful bit of information for other things. The 1st use of a UPC Bar Code was by Wrigley Gum in 1974. So, anything with a UPC Bar Code on it can’t be older than that.

I didn’t think to check the patents. Good thinking Ron. If the patent was approved in 1973 then, I’m guessing, 1973-74 would probably be a good starting date for the Mohawks. I checked the catalogs and the price lists from 1970 thru 1975 and there’s nothing there. I guess because they were promotional items aimed at the K-mart discount type stores. They still had the “U-3” head stamps. Interesting but I mostly need the bar code use date(s) for my project.

Roger–It saya 1st use was 19 Jan 1972. You have to establish use before yiu can register a trademark, so I would guess that the MOHAWK .22’s started in 1972.

As for why they are not in the catalog, you are right, the Promotional .22’s and shot shells were sold on a seperate flyer listing. They are listed in some of the later (post-1990) Dealer Price lists, but in the 1970’s and 1980’s it was a typed sales notice only sent to the larger buyers.

I’m confused first use was 19 Jan., 1972? but above you say “The 1st use of a UPC Bar Code was by Wrigley Gum in 1974” so when was the first use of a BAR code?
As for bar codes on Mohawk boxes I have three end flap 1-piece box variations; a brown & yellow, a red and white, and last the more typical green box with a brownish bottom half. NONE have a BAR code. All do have the child warning.

I believe you missed part of the messages. There was two questions:

  1. When were bar codes first used on Remington .22 ammo boxes.
    2: When were Mohawk .22 boxes produced.

Mohawk .22 boxes did not have UPC bar codes on them and there are three issues but I haven’t been able to determine when each was produced.


“Mohawk .22 boxes did not have UPC bar codes on them and there are three issues but I haven’t been able to determine when each was produced.”

Somehow I missed that statement in the above posts to mine. I did understand the questions, just didn’t have the answers so I thought it might provide you with some help / information. Sorry about that.

MOHAWK (For Ammunition) by Remington Arms Co.–1st use–1/19/1972 was “nailed down” & “Roger–It saya 1st use was 19 Jan 1972.”

"Roger–It says “1st use was 19 Jan 1972.”

Yes, that I got. I guess what I’m trying to find out is when did the next two Mohawk issues show up?? Plus I still don’t have a definitive answer to when the bar codes were printed on the boxes. I agree with Ron that I think they were used sometime in the mid to late 80’s.