Remington box dates


A great display from a fellow member showing Remington handgun ammo boxs and dates, but is there a site that dates rifle box dates?


Where is the display of Remington handgun ammo boxes and dates?


Aaron–The Remington Pistol & Revolver Box Dating file was done by me and is posted on the IAA Homepage. Scroll down to "Cartridge Box Dates-Remington [color=#FF0000]New[/color] . It has been there for about 2 years.

As for the Remington Rifle Box dates, the companion to my file, it was being done by Randy Hedeen. We were working on the project together. I don’t know if Randy ever completed the file or not. If your interested you might want to drop Randy an email to see what he has. I do know that he did complete a preliminary file which he submitted to me for corrections and additions, but I don’t know if he ever submitted the file to JohnS for posting on the IAA homepage or not.