Remington Box Project

I asked this on the administrative part of the Forum, but no one seems to read that anymore, as no answer forthcoming.

On the menu for the IAA Website, the Remington Rifle Caliber box-dating project has been part of it for several weeks. However, on my computer, at least, the printing for that subject is black, and I cannot open it. The rest of the menu is printed in color.

Is this article posted to the IAA Website or isn’t it? If it is there, why can’t I open it just like the ohters?


The Remington “box” isn’t linked to anything which is why it doesn’t open, I’d assume that either the code is wrong or the article isn’t yet on the web or the article isn’t ready to be linked to.

But what I know about computers and the web can be written on very small piece of paper ;)


John & Simon–As one of the authors of the Remington Box Dating Project, I can provide the answers to your questions. Randy Heeden did the Rifle part of the Box Dating Project. I did the Pistol & Revolver Part. Originally it was supposed to be all one article, but Randy, having fewer box types to work on for Rifle and using his own collection of .30-40 Krag, got his part done before I finished the Pistol & Revolver part because I collect only .45 Colt boxes and needed to solicit scans from other collectors (BIG thanks to John Moss for most of the needed SMOKELESS POWDER box styles). After Randy completed his part, he submitted it to John S. for posting. A copy was also sent to me for proofing, changes, etc. since I have the catalog resources that Randy did not have to fine tune the dates of the box types. John S. went ahead and put the Rifle part up so Randy and I could have easy access without needing to send the file back and forth. However, since some changes were needed, John S. has to this point only made it accessible to a restricted list of people until the changes can be made. Since it was posted, John S, has been VERY busy and has not had time to make the changes. It will be at least another month before it will be available to all the members.

Meanwhile, my part of the project is still not complete. It IS complete for the Smokeless Powder boxes, I DESPERATELY need scans of ANY BLACK POWDER Revolver boxes from 1911 to 1942. If you have any, PLEASE contact me. The Smokeless part of the Pistol boxes has been sent to John S. (about 30 days ago) but John S. has not had the time to post it. If I EVER get the required scans of the Black Powder Revolver boxes, they will be added in later.

Ron - thanks for the explanation. I don’t see any hurry in this project, It was just that I didn’t know what it was in the contents of the IAA site but I couldn’t open it. You have explained that perfectly. thank you. I will patiently wait until it is done and ready, and am sure it is going to be a highly valuable tool for all of us.

Just think of how much older all the boxes will be by the time I get the info posted…
I apologize for the delays, but business has to take priority. Then the boss says I have to finish painting the house in her choice of colors…