Remington Boxes with White "KLEANBORE" Immediately post WWII

As I mentioned in another post, I have been struggling on dating the green Remington KLEANBORE boxes with white letters and the red circle with “Remington” and the red oval with “DUPONT”. On 9mm Luger they were introduced in late 1946 or later and continued into the early 1960s so there are duplicate date codes in this range. With help from Ron Merchant, I learned that the earlier boxes of this type are dark green and the later ones a lighter, somewhat yellowish green.

I discovered I had mostly the older version and but one looked significantly lighter. When I rolled them to look at the back, the orientation of the backs was reversed. Placing the fronts the same and rotation both the same way, one of the backs came out upside down. I also realized, not as fast as I like to think I would have in past years, that the statement on the backs were totally different!

Below are the two backs and the fronts when rotated in the same manner. The older dark green box is on the top in both images.

Based on this, I have dark green boxes in the old style dated 1952 and 1957. The late style light green box is dated 1961. There is one dark green box with a date code of “U20M-90” which is impressed into the inside of the end flap instead of stamped! I can’t decide if it is 1949 or 1960. Has anyone seen this impressed style of code on any manufacturers boxes???

Has anyone got Remington White KLEANBORE 9mm Luger boxes? I sure would like to know the code numbers and the style of the box so that I can better understand the dates on these commercial boxes. Any help appreciated!


Would appreciate any help dating this pretty common box.

If you have this green Remington 9mm box with the white KLEANBORE on the label, I would greatly appreciate knowning what the date code is inside the end flap, and whether the back has the underlined title above the text on the back.

Any help is appreciated.


Lew - I don’t know how much help I will be. I don’t know from your inquiry if you want the numbers just off of 9 mm Luger boxes, or from any Remington box with the white-letter “KLEANBORE” marking on it. I will give you what I have:

.25 Auto: P17G24
.30 Luger: B260157
.30 Mauser: 12E91 (There may possibly be one other entry in front of “12” running off the box edge, or it could just be a smear.)
.30 Mauser: B220146
.32 Auto: RO3S
.380 Auto: R18 T25
.380 Auto: R04U
.38 Auto: U07Y This is the only light green box I have from this series.
.38 Super Auto: B18A30 NK This is a half-red top box, and lot number is stamped on the back of the box, not inside on a flap.
.38 Super Auto: Z11R 103 This is a standard all-green top
9 mm Luger: R02U
9 mm Luger: H05U 90 (the “90” is followed by a black rectangle, like
something was black out)
.45 Auto Targetmaster: U29O20 This has the print over a Red Bullseye target on the top. Lot stamped on the back and hard to read.
.45 Auto Targetmaster: N23S This box is all green top.
.45 RN Ball: K04N2 0. (note: the period is after the number on the box itself. The last entry may be zero or the letter “O”
.45 Hi-Way Master: The end flap where number should be is gone. However, the other inside end flap says “Due to nickel shortage case plating omitted.Superior performance unchanged.” Perhaps that is a clue to when made, as well.
.45 Hi-Way Master: most of lot number on back illegible. The first entry is a “6” followed by three or four illegible entries, ending in "90X"
The top label is like the .38 Super one, half red (Green over Red).

I doubt this will be of much help to you, but best I could do. Am surprised at how few of these boxes I have. I guess I was watching for differences close enough. It should be a very common style, but considering all the US commercial boxes I have, including Remington, this group is very small. A few of the lot numbers, like “B220146” look almost like “plain language dates,” in that case 22 January 1946. But, I really don’t know that. I have never, ever made a study of lot numbers.
I can see the attraction of them, and their help in dating boxes, but I just could never get into them, for some reason. Perhaps two many different styles, and not enough box specimens at hand.

MANY THANKS! These are a big help. Your B22O146 was made loaded in the second half of 1952.

I don’t have any 9mm boxes (or records of other boxes) dated 1942 (first letter C or D). These would be dogbone labels with no dot in front of the “9m/m” (i.e. not “.9m/m” which was used in '30s). I also lack and ‘44 or 45’ boxes (first letter G, H, J or K). These are also probably dogbone labels since I have a dogbone box of blanks dated the second half of 1946 and separately stamped 16July1946.

Your dates are very useful to me! I am sending you a separate email with some follow-on questions. I didn’t expect all the info on non-9mmP boxes but it will also help!

Many thanks.


Lew - above you said “I also like and ‘44 and 45’ boxes…” Did you mean to say “I also lack any '44 and '45 boxes…”?

I will try to get to the other questions you asked my in email either this afternoon, or tomorrow. I have a lot to do until about 4:00 PM our time.

John, You are exactly correct. I meant to type “lack”.

No rush on answering the email. I’m tied up for a couple of days myself.