Remington Campo Shotshells


Does anyone has any pictures of Remington Campo shotshells, boxes or advertisement?


Fede–Approximately what year were they produced? I have never heard of them.


Hello Ron,

These were offered under the Remington brand produced by Cartuchos Deportivos de Mexico S.A. Trademark “Campo” is the spanish equivalent for “Field”. I believe that these probably date from late 60’s or early 70’s.

Cartridge cases are headstamped 12 REMINGTON 12 CAMPO or 16 REMINGTON 16 CAMPO. I dont know if other calibers were made.


Fede–That helped a lot to know this was CDM, not Remington, USA. I think those shells date from late 1970’s or 1980’s. I have the 1973 CDM catalog and the only shotshells listed are Remington Sure Shot, Remington Express and Aguila de Oro. It is possible the “Campo” pre-dates 1973, but I doubt it.

CDM was founded in 1961 with the first ammunition production in 1963.


Ron, thanks for your comments. Here is a picture of the headstamp: