Remington Cartridge Board

On the cover of Journal 480 is a picture of a Remington cartridge board owned by Fred Butt. The rounds all appear to be British military contract rounds from the 1940-41 period and include a 20mm Hispano headstamped to Bridgeport Brass Company (BBC).

Did Remington/DuPont own BBC or was there a commercial relationship between them? If not, why would the round be on the board?

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I’ve never seen anything indicating that Remington/duPont had an equity position in BB. A commercial association as a Remington supplier or subcontractor is more likely, as they were both located in the same city and the two organizations could well have had some level of business-to-business relationship. BB was one of many US fabricators of 20mm cases during the early part of WWII for use in the Oerlikon and H-S guns. BB is an old-line and long-established manufacturer of brass consumer products. My familiarity with them is a result of being a clock collector at one time, and one of their lines was the supply of brass components for clock movements to the New England clockmakers during the 19th Century. But they made many different products. To my knowledge, they had nothing to do with cartridge case manufacture other than during their wartime experience when a company of that type would have had little alternative to getting into that business via government contracting. There would have been no way they could have stayed in business otherwise, as brass for making consumer products would have been directed toward defense uses only.

Thanks Dennis. A commercial relationship makes sense being in the same city.

Historically britain had a close relationship with Remington so perhaps we ordered the 20mm Hispano through them and they sub-contracted it to BBC.


Could well be. BBC made those 20mm casings as early as 1940, which indicates sourcing from Great Britain was highly likely.