Remington Cartridge boxes

Could someone please tell me when:
1.)Remington introduced the Dog Bone box (1925?)
2.)Remington discontinued the Dog Bone box

Is the box shown below the Dog Bone box the next one in the series?

Thank you,

W30WCF-- The box marked R125 is the “Dogbone” box. This box was used from 1930-1933, unless it says “DuPont” on it, then it is 1934-1942. The second box with the
"1430" index number was introduced in 1946 and used until 1960. The boxes from 1946 to about 1953 were darker green. The lighter green box like your was about 1954-1960.

Ron, Thank you very much for the information. Based on that, here is a pic of the boxes with the date references:

Thank you again,