Remington cases loaded by Hornady?

Sometime ago I went to a gunstore to take a look at some of the recently imported Hornady ammunition and was surprised to find that all boxes of Hornady’s .280 Remington 139 gr. SST Moly LM InterLock load (Item# 85584) were filled with factory loaded cartridges headstamped R - P 280 REM. Do these companies have an agreement? Does it happen with other calibers? I can take pictures if necessary.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all. The cost of tooling up to make so many different calibres, each of which is a relatively small runner, means reciprocal agreements make sound business sense.

It is certainly is happening in Europe but they don’t like talking about it

Fede, I’m under the impression that Hornady buys all their cases from other sources. I cannot confirm that they make any of their cases. In a low production round it may not make sense to buy them with the Hornady headstamp.

A few years ago, I was surprised to learn that Top Brass, that only sells brass, had bought 9x19mm brass from Armscor with the “Top Brass” headstamp! A Top Brass Rep at the Shot Show confirmed this when I showed him some obvious Armscor made cases mixed in some Top Brass cases I had bought. This whole area has become almost impossible to keep track of.


Vince & Lew, thank for your comments. They have also loaded 5.56x45/.223 cartridges using LC and Winchester cases, which means that anything can be expected. They ended up doing the same as in 1964 when the Frontier ammunition line was first offered: loading military cases.