Remington catalog imfo needed


Hello, I find myself once again in need of imformation from the membership. I specialise in a few older calibers, and my newest intrest is the 32 Winchester Special. Remington Mushroom Cor-Lokts are great old hunting bullets and I seem to pick up every single or loaded box I can find regardless of caliber. While studing these bullets and calibers I find most are rather blunt round nose bullets with a few exception. The 348 Win in Remingtons 200 grn Mushroom Cor-Lokt and the 32 Winchester Special 170 grn Mushroom Cor-Lokts are rather pointed, almost spitzer shaped when compared to other bullets of this type. I was wondering about downrange trajectory and ballistics of these two particular rounds. The only hope I have is to find an older Remington catalog that lists these rounds with these bullets and study there ballistics. I hope when I do find such imformation, that Remington did actual test and didnt just copy old data with different bullets. Does any member have an old catalog listing these?


My 1910 catalog (my only REM or UMC catalog) does not list the Mushroom load. My references state that the HP Mushroom bullet was introduced in 1922. Some one will jump in soon with the proper info! Cheers!


I believe the Core-Lokt bullet was introduced in 1939, according to Remington catalogs…Ron Merchant can confirm or correct, as he has about as complete a collection of the catalogs as you can have.



remchester–The Remington Core-Lokt bullet was introduced in the 18 Jan. 1939 catalog. Here is the page from that catalog. You will notice that all the initial offerings were Mushroom bullets.

The following year, 2 Jan 1940 saw the introduction of the familiar “Notched” Soft Point Core-Lokt" bullet.

I can provide the ballistics for both the .32 Win. and the .348 Win. with thgese and any other bullet Remington loaded. Exactly what do you want.


Thanks Ron, Remington used to list the ballistica of the ammunition they loaded. The gave energies, velocities, and trajectories from muzzle to 300 yards in 100 yard increments. This is the imformation I am desiring. I am studying the different down range figures for these two calibers with these 2 semi - spitzer bullets. Am looking to compare them with the more common blunt nosed bullets. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Remchester–Here are the ballistics pages from the 1938 and 1954 Remington Retail catalogs. From 1939 to 1953 I only have the Dealer Price Lists. Only the Retail Catalogs have the ballistics charts. Hope these will do. If these are not clear enough, email me and I will send you enlarged views.




Thanks Ron that is exactly what I was needing. As always fellow members have gone above and beyond, to help. Someday I might be able to help in return. Just ask. Thanks again