Remington Catalogs Needed

I am compiling all the load types by Load Index number for Remington for each year. The main purpose is to determine interduction and ending dates (according to the catalogs). I have completed the listing from 1936-1985 for Pistol, Revolver, Rifle and Rimfire. (I am not doing shotgun)…

I would appreciate it if anyone having any Remington catalogs from 1986-2004 ( I have 2005-2007) could send me scans of the listings of the loads for the above types.

I would also GREATLY appreciate recieving the information from any catalogs older than 1936.

Ron- Try asking over at the Remington Society of America site and someone there may be able to help. Mainly gun guys, not ammo collectors, but really serious Remington collectors, and they may have catalogs.

John–Thanks for the link to a group that I was not even aware of as I do not collect guns.

Answering questions like those of Jean-Pierre and rabbt is the reason I am compiling a master list of all Remington loads. I will evently do the other companies also. I have already started on Federal and have 1963-1988 completed.
Does anyone know what year Federal started making Centerfire Rifle and Pistol cartridges?

Is their no one who has any of the 1986-2004 catalogs
out there who is willing to scan a few pages for me? Or xerox? I would gladly pay for expenses of paper and shipping.

Hi, Ron…e-mail your address…I have a few Rem catalogs I can send you…Randy

Steve has a 2004 Remington catalog you can download.


Mike–Thanks for that link. Yes, it only had the 2004 Remington catalog to add to my files, but it has many other useful catalogs. I will be visiting that site some more.