Remington Catalogs Needed


I still need a few Remington catalogs to complete the Remington Arms Project.

I am especially in need of 1946-55 Remington Retail Catalogs. Most of these do not have a date on the cover, so if you have any Retail Catalogs you think might date to this time period, please send me a scan of the front cover and I will tell you if it is one I need.

Thanks for the continuing help on this project. Also, see my post earlier on Peters Catalogs.


I only live about 25 miles from the Remington factory and most of my skeet shooting buddies all retired from Remington, I know a few of them have piles of stuff. I will check with them and see if they have anything that old and let you know.



did yo see this one: … =190359020



René–No, I had not seen that auction offer. Thanks for letting me know about it. Unfortunately, I have all of those catalogs, except for the gun catalogs, but I have no interest in those.


Ron have this?:

It’s a Trade History of the Remington Arms - UMC Corporation Companies and a condensed history of the sport of hunting:

Being an Interesting Account of the Strange Steps by which A Great Modern Business has Grown Out of Ancient Conditions Together with a Look into the Future.

Remington Arms Company-Union Metallic Cartridge Co.
New York, NY

I have slightly higher resolution images than I displayed on the website if you want them too. It is a neat read, and has some pictures of information on ammo and guns and the history of the company as of 1912.