Remington Express ‘train’ boxes

I’m trying to determine if Remington produced any of their Express cartridges in the green Kleanbore boxes with the two train engines on the front that weren’t labeled as being loaded with EXPRESS MUSHROOM bullets. At the same time they were producing 12 or so different calibers with the hollow point ‘mushroom’ bullets, they offered the 30/40 Krag and the .30 Springfield loaded with either the Express mushroom bullet or an Express metal cased (MC) bullet. I’d like to know if the Express metal cased cartridges were also packaged in the train boxes, and if the bullets had the same exposed smooth groove in the bullet as the mushroom bullets had. Thanks.

Hi, Guy…….


The mushroom “hollow point” bullets can be found with and without the cannelure above the case mouth. The metal cased cartridges I have encountered do not have the cannelure.

Thanks. I’ve been working on one of my future web site articles and couldn’t find a photo of one. They obviously are uncommon; I’m especially impressed with the one that has the ‘metal cased bullets’ label.

Based on illustrations in the 1930 REM-UMC catalog, it would appear the bullets were supposed to have the exposed groove; I suppose like the mushroom box with the metal cased over-label, they used what they had on hand to keep production going.

Do your boxes have the two small side flaps on the ends? Mine appear to have never had them.


My boxes are all wrapped in plastic. I cannot recall if they have the four inner end flaps. Do you need photos (scans) of the cartridges?
Here is a box that pre-dates the trains.

And then of course, you have the blue ones……….


Great boxes!!! I just searched back in the IAA Journal and found your photo of 15 express boxes on page 35 of the 1988 1st quarter issue, and on the lower right was one of your metal cased .30 Springfield boxes.

I appreciate your offer to scan cartridges but I have an assortment that will serve my needs and don’t want to put you to any unnecessary trouble. However, you may be able to inspect the ends of your boxes through the plastic with a magnifying glass to determine if there is a fold as the sides make the transition to the small flaps, or just terminate in a smooth cut with no end flaps.

not in the best condition, but maybe interesting

Better than the one I don’t have ;^}