Remington headstamp and box

I picked up a Remington Kleanbore 250 Savage box that was full… 15 cartridges have one type of bullet, 3 have a different type, and 2 are empty.
Because of this, I’m wondering if any of them actually belong with the box.

The pointed bullet is not the right one as this is a core-lokt box… the flatter bullet looks like other core-lokt I have with the same type box.

The headstamp reads: REM-UMC 250 HP

The other box I have similar is 300 Savage and the headstamp is

Could someone tell me what the HP stands for and if it belongs with this box? The box says Hi-Speed. Thanks.

HP is Hi Power, as in 250 Savage Hi Power; it should be the correct headstamp. I agree that the lower bullet should be the correct type for the box, as it appears to be the core-lokt bullet.


As Guy said, the round nose bullet certainly appears to be a Core-Lokt but it’s hard to tell from your photo. If it has a “scalloped” lead tip then it is a Core-Lokt.

There are two types of Core-Lokt bullets BTW. The “soft point” with lead exposed, and a hollow point, called a “mushroom”.

The REM-UMC 250 HP headstamp was used until about 1956 at which time it was changed to REM-UMC 250 SAV.

The pointed bullet is most likely the 87 grain Soft point.

The cartridge was originally known as the 250-3000 Savage. The “3000” being the magical 3000 feet per second which, back in 1915 was considered very high velocity indeed. Unfortunately, Savage could not get a legitimate 3000 fps with their 100 grain bullets so they had to resort to the 87 grain, something that it’s designer, Charles Newton, did not take kindly to since he always thought it was best suited for a 100 grain bullet.

But I digress. :) :)


Thanks for the info… Since the headstamp on the 300 savage was 300 SAV I would have thought the same to be on the 250. I didn’t know they were HP first.

Yes, the bullet is the scallop type… I’ve encountered this once before and since I had a few old core-lokt, I had something to compare to.

I guess my husband will have 3 of these to shoot… I’ll take the empties back after to put into the box since the casings all match. He’s always trying to shoot my old ammo!!

I must admit, though… when he bought his .25 Stevens gun and got a 2nd box of ammo, I swiped it for my collection! Now he’s only got the partial box that came with the gun!

Also, I don’t mind the added info… it’s quite interesting about the bullet grain being lowered.

Bomar97–I do not know what you like to collect, boxes, single specimens, etc. or how long you have been collecting ( I would guess you are fairly new to cartridge collecting), but if I were you I would keep one of the 87 gr. loads and only let your husband shoot 2 of them. As your collection grows you might decide to collect more than 1 variation per case type and since you already have both a 87gr. and 100gr. loading, why throw one of them away. Of course, this is just a suggestion. Were all free to collect what ever makes us happy.

I was debating on keeping them since they are not that new…
I started “collecting” just to put a few boxees around the house and picked up old boxes here and there for $2 - $5. Then I started getting more interested in them ( actually just started on shotshells ) … and found an old Peter’s .38 box ( 2 piece ) and couldn’t go w/o getting that one… then so on and so on… Sometimes just the caliber interests me…

Basically I started because I couldn’t afford old duck decoys, but found old shotshell boxes cheap… just before most places in my area started wrapping them and raising the prices!