Remington Industrial 8 Ga

Is this one on the right the current look of the standard Remington industrial slug product? I first noted it was not green(!) and no ribbed plastic. Also the addition of “8 GA” to the headstamp.

Edited to add:

Current Remington listings show this black cased load to be #0081-B and is the Magnum load 3 oz. Lead slug. Yellow cased rounds are Standard load 3 oz. lead slugs and green cases indicate zinc slugs in Standard 3 oz. and Magnum 2 and 3 oz. loadings.


Unless my memory has failed me, these, or similar were used to remove the deposits left in cement kilns. Strange thing to do, but presumably was efficient enough.

Yes indeed, these as well as the Winchester equivalent

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If it should be of any interest 5 years later,i have this black shell from Remington with an ELEY sticker/label,Bismuth shot no 3.

Is guess this is for hunting…?

I should leave this for the English collectors to answer, but it seems that Gamebore and other loaders are using USA plastic cases from Remington and Dominion for 8 bore loads.The anti-chamber ridge is sized down.
The black case is a Gamebore Mammoth heavy load 3 1/2" case with 2 1/2 oz of BB. Plain wad in a Remington case.

The Dominion case is not marked but the wad looks English.


Ron3350 is quite right, when they stopped making the 8 bore cases there was still a demand for 8 bore cartridges for shooting, so some of the suppliers turned to using any cases they could get which boiled down to just plastic foreign cases. Basically sourced from anyone who would supply them I guess.
Owl, to the best of my knowledge although the cartridge has an Eley lable on it, it was never made by Eley but loaded subcontract for Eley and retailed by them.
Yes they were for hunting, they were Eley’s attempt at a nontoxic load for big bore guns and were never very popular and soon disappeared from sale.

Here is the box that goes with your pictures