Remington 'Made in Canada' box


At our monthly cartridge meeting this .308W box was brought for discussion. The speculation is that it is some interim box used prior to more permanent labeling.

The feature on the reverse of the box that I’d bring to your attention is the remnants of adhesive from an over label that at one time covered the address information.

Does anyone have any insight that can be shared with the owner of the box?



Paul - I’ll play “Devil’s Advocate,” as I often do even if not admitted to at the time. Is the top “Made in Canada” a stock-oon label? If so, it could be off a bottle of Maple Syrup, or off a wood dog sled, or something. This one begs for documentation. The sticker over the address label, while interesting, doesn’t prove much unfortunately, as if someone was screwing around, they could have put both on the box.

That said, I have no idea if it is original or not. Have never seen anything like it on any caliber by any maker. Hope it turns out to be legit - it is nifty!

John Moss


IAA Journal Issue 457 Page 40 - all about Remington Canada. The box is legit.

Wonderful reference material in the IAA Journal.

Maybe we’ll do an index one day …


Chris is just too nice of a guy. So, I’ll say it. Shame on you guys. ;) ;)

I have worn out my paper copy of the Index and the CD too. I use mine practically every day.



Chris - Ar you insinuating that we have an index and that I was just to lazy to get off my fat behind and look at it? Gulp, shucks, oh gee! You are right.

The devil made me do it!

John Moss


I was going to say to Chris that having an index would be useful, but who would use it?

As I started the thread, I take full blame.

With head hung low,


Or better yet, who knows how to use it. You even give the post and page numbers and I still can’t find it.
I would have been right up there saying it was just a sticker. It doesn’t look profesional.
Any help with the post 457 page 40?
Okay, I think I’m figuring this out that the IAA Journal is a printed copy that must be a mail out. Am I right on this one? DUH newbee here.



Here’s a link to the IAA Home Page. On the left you’ll find an index to IAA JOURNAL articles and directions on how to get back issues and a CD of the 1955 to 2000 issues.

And lots more good stuff too.


Actually, after all the foolin’ around and teasing, Chris’s index is just about the easiest to use that I have ever experienced dealing with such a vase amount of printed material. I am really into books, and I can’t tell you, for example, how many times I have looked something up in the index and then gone to the page and found not one word on the subject I looked up. Also, sometimes just finding something in an index takes as much time as thumbing through the book, to to the use of main subjects, and then, not in alphabetical order, subordinate subjects related to the main one, etc. ad nauseum. I can find the issues I want and the article in seconds using Chris index.

I print it out every 12 months, in total, and simply throw my old copy away. It is worth it!

John Moss


And the Home Page has a link to the John S site, the guy who makes a lot of this possible and who sells some good stuff.

Thanks John S, whoever you are. ;) ;)



The link is:

It offers the full set of Journals (1955-2000) on CD or DVD to members, and any Journal is available digitally for $5 per copy (early ones are 2 for $5) for all Journals including the most current to members and non-members. Note that the per-issue price ($30) for six issues is more expensive than a subscription for the eJournal ($25/year) and even someone as specialized as I am finds great stuff in every copy of the Journal.

The link shows you how to order.