Remington Metal Penetrating .38spl box R260

After 15 years of looking, this one box of Remington Metal Penetrating (solid zinc) 110gr .38spl which has been one of only a few that has consistently evaded me, is finally mine. Found just now in a random Gunbroker search, which is lucky since their saved-search feature can’t be counted on for anything anymore since they ruined the search engine over a year ago. The solid green box version, or the green face / red-front box versions seem to be more common than this version which shows both red and green on the face.



Looks like a pre-WWII box. I think the bullet alloy is called Zamak, zinc, and also contains aluminum, magnesium and copper. Same as used in some die casting alloys. I have a full box which looks exactly the same.

Nice find Matt. -Ger

For what ever it’s worth my impression is that this style box was only used for a short time.
Here’s another loading.38%20spl%20Rem%20Green%20%26%20Red%20box