Remington Mixed Headstamps Boxes

I don’t know if it qualifies me for the nickname “Lucky”, but recently I came into possession of 4 boxes of Remington ammunition with mixed headstamps, two of which are 38 Special boxes of the same lot; and saw a fifth Remington 9mm +P+ box at SLICS 2012. I’ve no reason to believe these boxes didn’t leave the factory that way. My question is: given that everything other than the headstamp in these boxes is identical, can I presume these boxes are from the time Remington was changing from one headstamp to another?

  1. At SLICS I observed a Remington LE/Not for Resale 9mm Luger +P+ box with two different headstamps. Headstamps are RP01N and RP01J per Lew Curtis’ 9mm Parabellum Headstamp Guide. The box was printed in June 1993 and is lot number G08Y C01/first half of 1998.
  2. A 9mm Luger box with two different headstamps; RP01D and RP01K per Lew Curtis’ 9mm Parabellum Headstamp Guide. Box was printed in December 1987 and is lot K26L C0401/last half of 1988.
  3. Two boxes of 38 Special both with two different headstamps; RP01H and RP01K per Otto Witt’s 38 Special/357 Magnum Headstamp Guide. Boxes were printed in June 1988 and both are lot K07A B4302/last half of 1988.
  4. A 45 Colt box with two different headstamps. Box was printed in 2010 and is lot L03SCI/first half of 2011.
  5. Having previously not encountered/recognized a Remington box with mixed headstamps, I may have encountered two additional boxes/same lot of mixed headstamps in Nov 2009. The left example I have found precious few of other than from these two boxes. The middle is a +P headstamp with the +P filed off the bunter; the non +P of this style began to appear in early 2010 and is the current style. The right was produced thoughout 2009 to early 2010. As I recall both boxes were lot H24 something/last half of 2009.