Remington MultiRange Duplex shotgun shells


Here’s a technological development in shotgun shells that nearly passed me by, which likely shows what a protected (read hermit-like) lifestyle I live. These shells have two sizes of copper plated shot, in this case BB and #4, “for game-getting patterns at all ranges”. The headstamp is REMINGTON 12 PETERS GA. I haven’t a clue how old these are, but they have the Lanoke Arkansas address, so they can’t be too old, perhaps even current production for all I know. The ten round package is also a new one on me.


Guy, not sure of the opening dates but these were available in the late 1980’s, in lead and later, in the 90’s, they came out in duplex steel loads, both 2 3/4 and 3" in 12 ga. They also marketed the Duplex as turkey loads too, in lead.

With the advent of non-toxic waterfowling loads we saw 10ct packages become more dominant especially in 12 and 10 ga.

My steel load boxes and one of the 3" shells. Note the dark color.


I picked up this box in 1993, a 10 gauge duplex load. I have a 1991 Remington catalog that shows these.


Thanks for posting about these… I’m culling out my collection to only the old boxes I started with and wanted… and this is one box I was wondering about. I have the
steel shot SPBBx2 … they’ll go into the “to use” ammo instead.


I was selling these in my store in the late 80’s. Still have several boxes of the turkey loads.