Remington No. 39 Primers

Does anyone have a picture of a box of Remington No. 39 primers?

Sorry no but I have a 69 and a 49.

What were these #39 used for?

Hi Pete, thanks for the help. I’m interested in the No. 39 because in 1944, along the No. 49, was specially made with a “0” mark in the primer cup. You can find it in .30 Light Rifle experimentals, but I would like to see the box label to learn more about its intended purpose.

Boxes of the No. 49 primer with “0” mark ended in the commercial market and you can find them in several kinds of custom loads and reloads in handgun calibers. Label states it was intended for the “.38 Cartridge”.

Please, can you post pictures of your #49 and 69 boxes?



I have long looked for a box of those primers.
The #49 below I have two of, both sealed with different colored rubber-stamped lot numbers on the top side. But i just opened one & the primers in it have small nickel cups without markings. The #69 is empty but for the black plastic tray.

Likewise Fede, I just pulled out my boxes and draws of packets and tins of caps and don’t have any of those, I have 97 and 209 and that was all I could find in Remington (which surprised me), host of other makes, even found some I have forgotten I had! anyway I am no help to you.

some Remington’s to look for in battery cup design are: 57, 55, 53, 97 which is 209 size and 97-4 which is for 410’s.

Pete, thanks a lot for the pictures. I should clarify that not all No. 39 and 49 primers are marked with an “0”, only some special lots made for a purpose unknown to me.

Mike, thanks for the help.



so now I think I’m going to have to open the other packet, but I really am going to hate to do that & will have to think on it for awhile.