Remington Peters shotshell headstamp

Recently I got some plastic cases from Remington, and noticed something I didn’t see anymore after I stopped collection plastic cases.

Here are three different lines around the text, complete circle, and lines with several stops.
I remember there are others.
What is the meaning of this?

Regards René

They started to use his segmented circle when they moved to Lonoke AR so as to note the different production from Bridgeport which was unbroken (as your right example).

I’m not aware of the multi / uneven length segments as to what that might signify, as the ones I’m aware of were of just three even segments.

Hi Pete,
Thanks for the information.
Maybe somebody else can solve the mistery of the segments.

Here are two more I used to have.

They can also be found on the mohawk headstamps.

Regards René