Remington R - P Headstamp Introduction (again...)

The original Remington trademark registration for the “R - P” headstamp was registered February 3, 1976 and indicated: “First use during 1969; in commerce during 1969; dur- at least as early as Oct. 1, 1960” (sic).

This was a mistake chargeable to the Government Printing Office and was ammended April 19, 1977 to read: “First use at least as early as October 1, 1960; first used in Interstate Commerce at least as early as October 1, 1960” (the text published in the ammended trademark was simplified to read: “First use 10-1-1960; in commerce 10-1-1960”).

What I found most interesting are the remarks made by Remington’s attorney and the declaration by E. Sparre, Remington’s Vice President and Director of Production:

I am understanding this correctly; I thought the “R-P” headstamp strarted in the 1930s. Wasn’t Peters acquired by Remington during the depression of the 1930s?

Remington did not use any headstamp combining their name and anything representing Peters until the R-P headstamp. In the 1930s, actually since about 1911 and used until the R-P headstamp of the 1960s, Was “Rem-UMC,” since the company name for a long time was the Remington Arms Union Metallic Cartridge Company. Peters had their own headstamps of P.C.Co. and later PETERS.

It would be interesting to know how long it took to transition to the R-P HS over the entire ammunition line. I have always just considered that somewhere in the early 1960s is good enough dating for R-P, but I guess it is possible that the completion may have extended somewhat later into the 1960s for some slower-moving calibers.