Remington Removed +P and +P+ Cases

Every time I sort them, I see more of these Remington +P and +P+ cases where the +P or +P+ has been removed or modified. Here are the last two types I blundered into:

I. 38 Special
In the middle of the picture you see what I believe is a Remington headstamp where the bunter has been modified from 38 SPL +P+ to 38 SPL +P. You can actually see what is left of the removed last +. Because of the spacing between the R and flat-top 3, I think an unmodified middle case would be identified as RP01U in Otto Witt’s “A Guide to 38 Special and 357 Magnum Headstamps.” That same spacing leads me to believe that what Otto identified as RP01A – headstamp RP01S with the “+P” removed – is, in fact, RP01U with the “+P+” removed; making +P+, +P, and standard 38 Special cases from the same pattern bunter. I don’t, however, have examples of RP01A or RP01U for direct comparison, just the pictures in Otto’s book.


What I believe to be a 9mm LUGER +P+ headstamp with the +P+ removed is in the middle flanked by a 1995-2006 type +P (left) and 2008 type +P (right). What makes me think removed +P+ vice removed +P is the spacing of the letters. The letters of LUGER are closer together with the center of the G directly opposite the dash in R-P. That would leave enough space at 3 o’clock for three characters (+P+) just like the three characters (9mm) at 9 o’clock. On both +P examples, the spacing is different. The letters in LUGER are farther apart and left edge of the G is opposite the dash in R-P; leaving room for only two characters (+P), in my humble opinion. What I don’t have, however, is an example of the unmodified +P+ headstamp for direct comparison.

Another one. I recovered the new-to-me bottom left removed +P R-P 45 Auto +P brass case today. Several years ago I blundered on the bottom middle (brass) and bottom right (nickeled) removed +P cases of a different and later type.

couple of quick snaps

I never noticed that when sorting thousands of 9x19mm cases!

Is there a difference between a regular 9x19mm case and one used with +P and +P+ loads? i.e. Is the case for +P thicker or stronger?


Santa came early this year with more removed +P and +P+ evidence:

  1. The +P+ (left) compared to the same with last + removed.

  1. The +P (left) compared with the removed +P, which is quite roughed up where milled or filed.

The letters on the left case look larger than on the right, but this is the fisheye effect of my cellphone’s camera.

  1. Another case where the milling or filing was incomplete (middle) compared to the unmodified case (left) and completely removed +P (right).

interesting no dots or dashes between the RP on the 9mm’s.

Is this new, for another market, or by another maker of RP brand cases for Remington? Or ???