Remington solid copper hollow points / Hog Hammer pistol ammo

With Freedom-Group owned Barnes / Remington doing more & more component sharing over the past few years, it looks as though Remington is now rebranding the “VOR-TX” pistol line under their own “HTP Copper” line, or the re-introduced Hog Hammer line.

Remington is doing all of the calibers which VOR-TX had covered in pistol calibers before which were: 10mm auto, .357mag, .41mag .44mag, .45 Colt, and .454 Casull. Oddly, Remington is also doing these same loads under the “Hog Hammer” line, which had previously been a premium solid-copper rifle caliber line of ammo loaded on nickeled brass back around 2013 to 2015. These loads however, are the same exact thing on standard brass, but with different box graphics than the HTP Copper. I suppose they will try to market the Hog Hammer line more in the southern U.S. states, and market the HTP Copper line more in the rest of the country?

The only possible reason to do all this would be that Freedom Group executives must think that a Remington-branded product would do better than a strictly Barnes-branded product that is otherwise identical. Their research probably surmises that anyone who knows well enough to be familiar with (leery of) Remington ammo of-late is also keen enough to know that there are a dozen other SCHP options out there which are either better or lower-priced (or both) than this or the VOR-TX line where they would not typically opt for either brand, but that the uninitiated newer customers will recognize and respect the Remington name of old before they appreciate or understand what Barnes is at all.