Remington SP2x6 multirange duplex box


I picked this box up originally because of the “camo” white sticker on top. Then I got curious. Here are the questions:
a. It is loaded with 2 different size and weight BB’s for defeating 2 different targets at 2 different ranges. Is this a skeet load? Why the need for hitting something at 2 different ranges?Info on the box implies a bird hunting load (lack of reflection).
b. What is a “cartridge with bullet” sign with German eagle on the bullet? See last photo.
c. Why is the ENTIRE bottom panel dedicated to legal warnings? Was it written by a doped lawyer snorting gun powder? Usually warnings are less detailed.


If I remember correctly, this duplex load was designed primarily for turkey hunting. I remember seeing this ammo sitting on gun store shelves for a long time until they were reduced in price and placed on the close-out shelf.

I can’t imagine these loads as being very effective as there is not a goodly amount of the heavier shot to be very effective at dropping a big Tom turkey at longer distances. And if a hunter wants to take a shot at his game and finds brush and leaves in front of his target, he’ll want a full compliment of heavy larger shot in his shotshell in order to get as many pellets on target as possible.