Remington-umc 1911-1912 catalog (original)


186 pages 6” x 9” paper covers. The covers were in poor condition but have been covered with a clear plastic laminate and the covers re-stapled so there is almost no loss of paper. A few other minor repairs done with professional skill. Internal pages are generally good, although corners are a bit dog eared. Paper is in good condition, not brittle and flaking like so much. A scarce early catalog listing the Browning designed Model 11 semi-auto shotguns along with other traditional Remington products, and illustrations of parts. Ammunition includes the expected rimfire and centerfire small arms cartridges plus a full line of percussion caps, artillery friction primers, and even artillery ammunition from the 37mm 1 pounder up to 6 inch, plus all sorts of shotshells.
Item 15211 $65.00 plus shipping.