Remington UMC box code

What is the date for box code
01 P P
from 25 round 9mm Browning Long export box

Without knowing what the box looks like it is hard to be certain but I think it is June 1923.


Rem-UMC 9mm BLa_zpsxoism8oh

Rem-UMC 9mm BL_zpsc0e2yj3m

Bob, I think the June 1923 is a good date for that box label. The box label is very consistent with a 1925 9mmP box I have, which is also my earliest Remington square corner box. My earlier boxes all have round corners. Different calibers change box styles at different times because the old styles are used until they are gone. This is the reason you find Remington 9mm HP boxes dated long after the same style had been replaced in 9mm FMJ boxes. In fact, I am pretty confident that some box styles that exist in 9mm FMJ, were never used for 9mm HP because they came into use and were replaced before the supply of earlier style 9mm HP boxes were used up.

Great Box!!!

I’d love to find one in 9mm Luger, or even an image if anyone out there has one.