Remington-UMC Lightning Shot Shells

I recently saw three Remington-UMC green case wall shot shells with the Remington-UMC head stamp with Lightning on the head stamp. The shells appeared to be factory loaded with Remington UMC top wad. I’ve seen UMC 100 count empty hull boxes for reloading, but not aware of factory loaded Remington UMC Lightning boxes, is anyone aware that such boxes exist?

The U.M.C. Ledger indicates that Lightning shells were made for V.L.& D. and all of my factory loaded examples have V.L.& D. top wads.

I have a UMC Arrow walking man box that contains UMC Lighting shells with VL&D top wads with matching shot size to the box. :man_shrugging:

Only have one loaded Lighting a 10 bore & as Rich notes it has a VL&D topwad. Sorry no Lghting box
Do have these two unloaded examples.

What do you mean " UMC Arrow walking man"
Can we please see a photo?

Here is the Arrow “walking man” box with the UMC Lightning Shells.

AH thank you.

great box!