Removing box labels

Has anybody besides Pete de Coux had any experience with using 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner part number 08984 to remove labels from cartridge boxes? He says it is a the berries for this purpose does not leave any residue or harm the printing. Anyone know if environmentally correct soy ink is being used for box printing in the last few years?

3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner works fast and well, but I feel DuPont Prep-Sol works better on Duct tape and old dried up masking tape. The soy ink labels like S&B has put out are tricky. You have to only soak the price sticker a few seconds and the gently lift with compressed air or tweezers. Do not dab or wipe the remaining solvent, as it will smear or disappear. Just let it dry on its own and do not tilt box until it does or it will run. The old standard labels I soak for hours, or even get aggressive with a tooth brush on stubborn old duct tape and making tape residue. Old Remington boxes seem to have the most enduring printing. Some glossy .22 boxes you have to be careful. Always start out gently with as minimal effort as necessary to get satisfactory results. If you have tried to the point of getting aggressive, be careful to mind that you are not ruining the label…